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You'll find copy packages of what most coaches and course creators request from me during a launch.

If they don't totally match your needs, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to request pricing for a custom bundle, made just for you!

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Landing Page

Give me Your Email Girl!

That brand new freebie is EVERYTHING. It’s so amazing that you’re wondering if you gave away too much… Nah! First impressions are everything! They’re going to love you! 

So now you’re running ads to your landing page. The ads are working… people are clicking…  but no one seems to be entering their names or email addresses.

Why, oh God, why is it not working?! 

Might it be the not-so-convincing copy on your page?

Let me play around with those words so that the peeps who get there (you know, the ones that you worked so hard to get) willfully and excitedly enter those coveted and ever-so-precious pieces of personal information.


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She’s hands-down the best person that I worked...

My experience with Keshani has been Nothing short of amazing. She always hits it out of the park with my clients' ad copy, has great communication, and knows how to tailor the brand voice to each person effortlessly.

This has made my life so much easier because I can now focus on serving my clients at a higher level versus being focused on the day-to-day of copywriting or revisions.

The ads these copy have been used for has helped generate hundreds of new leads and tripwire sales as well!

I would 100% recommend Keshani for anything where you need someone to help with your copy. She’s hands-down the best person that I worked with and don’t want to ever let her go!

Danielle Klemm


Launch Emails

You've worked hard to capture your leads.

You created the free thing, you ran the ads, you nurtured the people that signed up...

Now you're ready to sell your offer.

The only problem is that no one is buying from you!


Could it be a problem with those not so convincing emails?

I think so...

Allow me to jazz them up for you.

Or better yet, I'll re-write them completely!

When you purchase the 8-Part Sales Email Sequence offer, here's what you'll get:

  • 8 high converting emails no matter how you're selling your offer - live launch, sending people to a pre-recorded webinar, evergreen funnel etc
  • A Google doc where you literally copy and paste the words into your email service provider 
  • Watch your sales increase daily. No more losing leads you worked so hard to get!

You don't have to sit around wondering what to put in your emails. I'll do the work for you ;)


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It's like the words she writes come from my soul....

Keshani is amazing! She is able to take an idea that I have and turn it into words that inspire and captivate.

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur it is important for me to work with someone who speaks my language and understands my vision. Keshani has truly mastered this. It's like the words she writes come from my soul.

Keshani's writing has also helped with engagement on Social Media, as it creates connection and takes the reader on a journey. I am beyond grateful for her help.

Cherie Cox


Facebook & Instagram Ads

You may have scroll- stopping images.

You may even have curiosity inducing headlines. 

But we all know that it’s the copy that does the selling.

As the exclusive copywriter for 2 six figure ads agencies, ads are my jam! 

Over the past 4 years, I've written ads for thousands of clients, helping them generated millions of dollars on their launches.

It's a delicate balance of being persuasive so that you get your ideal clients to 
clickety-click while also following the ever-changing Facebook guidelines.

Writing ads almost daily allows me to see what's really working and what to stay away from.

Want to get your ads in front of the right people? 

Let me write your ads for you!

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She knows how to get into the mind of your ideal client....

Keshani is an incredible copywriter! She knows how to get into the mind of your ideal client and create copy that truly resonates. She’s created ad copy for many of my clients, and everytime, I'm so impressed by how authentic it feels.

She has a way of writing copy that is conversational, yet super compelling. It’s hard to find a copywriter that just “gets it'' and cares to the level that Keshani does. She’s an absolute joy to work with too. If you have a chance to work with her, don’t hesitate. I promise you won’t regret it!

Krystal Children


Sales Page

This one freaks a lot of people out. That’s freaks with a capital F ;)

They really aren’t all that scary when you’re fully trained in buyer psychology. You worked so hard to get that lead, nurture them and now they’re on your sales page. You want them to buy from you? 

Let me help you convince them to get that Mastercard out! 

A well written sales page can make the difference between 5 and 6 figure launches and a couple measly sales.

If you want to:

  • Have a sales page written for you that you can just copy and paste on your website
  • Get your page written by a conversion copywriter who specializes in digital product launches
  • Have a highly successful and highly profitable launch

Get your girl Keshani to write that bad boy for you!

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You managed to capture my “voice” through writing and turn it into something amazing...

Keshani - I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your amazing copy for my ads and website. You managed to capture my “voice” through writing and turn it into something amazing! Your edits for my ebook were also SPOT ON!!! I have truly enjoyed working together

Emily Varon


Custom Copy Packages

It's more than likely that you're going to need a few of these copywriting services.

And the prices can definitely add it. So, if you want me to create a custom package where you take bits and pieces of exactly what you need, message me by filling out the form to your right →

I'll bundle them up with love and give you a generous discount ;)

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I highly recommend working with Keshani....

Working with Keshani has been such a huge addition to our team. Not only is she an amazing copywriter but you can really see the detail and the thought she puts into every word on the page.

I always get so excited whenever she sends over new copy because I know it’s going to blow me away. I highly recommend working with Keshani especially if you are a heart centered entrepreneur and you don’t want a copy that feels too pushy or over-the-top but you want something that connects in an authentic way.

Amy Crane