hey, i'm KESHANI.

I'm a copywriter and launch strategist on a mission to help you have your most profitable launch, with the most amount of support and guidance you've ever experienced.


over the past 5 years...

I've had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in our industry...

Whether I wrote the copy, managed their launches or coached their clients, by working alongside them, I've been able to get an insider look at the strategies that major brands use to create wildly successful launches.

I've spent years working closely with them and now I'm sharing ALL their secrets to success and profits!

Want to coach you through your launch and give you ALL the industry's strategies that are working right now?

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But I wasn't always a copywriter and launch coach...

In fact, I used to work for a police agency... as a civilian.  

Relax! No one in their right mind would ever give me a gun and a badge.

Basically, I was running around, armed with a degree in Political Science, not knowing whether I should accept my offer to law school.

So, yeah, I did the whole quarter life thing.

That is, until I did the damn thing...
You know... 

Get the clients
Work whenever I wanted (wearing whatever I wanted)
Make the monies with more ease than I ever thought would be possible for me.
And be able to spend the majority of my days watching my beautiful daughter grow, which is a dream in and of itself!

If I can do it, you can too!

here is what I know for sure...

Your business' success depends on you making sales.

As an introvert, that's why I love copywriting.

Copywriting allows us to close sales with words. And I don't have to see anyone, go to networking events of even talk to anyone over the phone.

I let my words do all the work for me and that allows me to make consistent 5-figure months with predictability!

Over the past few years, I've helped coaches, course creators and online entrepreneurs learn how to master the art of sharing their message authentically and in a way that truly resonates with their audience so that they can FINALLY find consistency in sales and growth.

Good copy doesn't have to be an unaffordable luxury! Good copy is necessary!

And I am here to show you how to be more confident in your writing skills than ever before!

I’m here to teach you how to write words that just pour out of you – easily & naturally – and bring in clients and cash on demand.

Want to find out how you can use words to close a sale every. single. time?!

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if you're even a little bit curious...

Here's some fun facts about me...

▶︎ I am a wife to the kindest, most caring man and together we have a beautiful baby girl named Mer and a fur baby named Barley.

▶︎ I am a Virgo, a Manifestor in Human Design, INFJ, Enneagram 3 and 90's baby.

▶︎ I have a serious sweet tooth.I don't control her. She controls me.

▶︎ I was 5 when my family came to Canada. I'm still not used to Canadian winters... #eyeroll

▶︎ My first name is not Keshani ;)