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If you've been wondering...
  • What you are going to sell
  • How you are going to sell it
  • Who you are going to sell it to

I've got you covered! We are going to do a deep dive into EVERYTHING you need to launch your offers!

Whether it's a course, a group coaching program, a mastermind...

Bring papers, pens, highlighters & sticky notes and be prepared to take screenshots of all the goodness because I am NOT holding back.

What I will teach you is exactly what I teach my 1:1 clients who launch to 20k, 50k, 100k even 400k in results!!!

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When you join the BIG Money Launching Challenge for FREE, you will discover:
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The strategies that major brands use to create wildly successful launches that generate 20k, 50k, 100k + in revenue.

I've spent years working closely with coaches, course creators and major companies who consistently generate 6 and 7 figures during their launches and now I'm sharing ALL their secrets for FREE!

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The #1 SECRET of what it takes to launch a digital course, a coaching program or a hybrid mix of anything your heart desires.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle for most entrepreneurs. Even if you've had successful launches before, your NEXT launch will be the most profitable to date because of this little known tactic.

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A launch schedule unlike anything you've ever seen for FREE (most paid programs don't even provide this!)

All the tiny pieces of the launch puzzle will all come together when you take a look at my proprietary Million Dollar Launch Calendar. You'll get a big picture view at what makes up a successful launch and finally have that ah-ha moment where it all clicks and you just "get it"!

Stick with me. The right SUPPORT + PREPARATION is all you need! And I'm offering it to you for FREE!

"I have worked with Keshani on several launches and working with her is a game-changer. From day one, she's had my back and has supported my launches to multiple 6-figures."

Keshani doesn't just know her stuff; she's also got this magical way of making complex stuff simple. Helping me get the messaging out of my head and onto paper makes all the difference - especially when you are launching new products/prgrams to your audience.

It takes a lot of my plate and gives me the time and space to focus on what I do best - coaching my clients! Her support will make the whole launch process feel less like a mountain to climb and more like a fun, exciting and ALIGNED journey.

If you're trying to hit those 6-7 figure launches and you haven’t been able to yet, Keshani is who you need to have on your team. She's a total rockstar and a launch wizard.


– Dr. Tracy Timberlake
Award Winning Business Coach and Co-Founder of Flourish Media

With 100s of Launches Under My Belt and Millions of Dollars Generated for my clients, here's what I know to be true:

You could...

Be BRILLIANT at what you do

 Have years of experience, credentials and raving testimonials

 Invest thousands of dollars staying current on your area of expertise

 Spend countless hours mastering your craft

 And even work tirelessly to package your knowledge into a coaching package or an online course

But you won't sell it

X Not in the way you want to sell it

X And you most certainly won't make the kind of money you've been praying for month after month.

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Hi love! My name is Keshani.

I wasn't always an expert in conversion copywriting or launch strategy... In fact, I used to work for a police agency (as a civilian).
Relax! No one in their right mind would ever give me a gun and a badge.

Basically, I was running around, armed with a degree in Political Science, not knowing whether I should accept my offer to law school.

So, yeah, I did the whole quarter life thing. That is, until I did the damn thing... you know...

  • Get the clients
  • Work whenever I wanted (wearing whatever I wanted)
  • Make the monies with more ease than I ever thought would be possible for me.
  • And be able to spend the majority of my days watching my beautiful daughter grow, which is a dream in and of itself!

If I can do it, you can too!

Seriously... I've watched brilliant business owners set money goals, put out offers, show up on social media hoping and praying that their business will take off... that this LAUNCH will be THE LAUNCH...

And guess what? 

It doesn't happen for them!

That's where I come in! 

"Keshani is our secret weapon when it comes to helping our clients have multiple 6 or 7 figure launches."


Her years of knowledge working behind the scenes of big brands and launches gives her a unique perspective and it clearly comes through in her work.

The details she puts into her strategy and copy, the marketing savvy and her ability to see the big picture and pull all of the puzzle pieces together in a way that seems to effortlessly convert.

Seriously, if you have the chance to work with or learn from her — do it. She’s a true professional with the experience to back it up.


Owner, Social Lab Marketing


"Sure it works for them, but it won't work for me..."


"Why will this launch be any different than all the others that failed for me?"


For the first time ever, I'm going to be revealing my 8 STEP LAUNCH EXECUTION PROCESS that I guide all my 6 & 7 figure clients through!

Here's a breakdown of the 8 steps and a peek at what you'll be getting:

  • Day 1

     What you can (and should) sell to have the most profitable launch. 

    Not everything will get you to 6 figures and beyond and I don't see anyone online talking about this as much as they should!

    You'll learn HOW to package your expertise in a way that generates the most profits per launch. 

    When you learn to do it this way, you only have to launch a few times a year. Some of my clients use this method and ONLY do 1 launch every year and they create millions from it!!

    Value: $497 

    Day 2

     →  Who your most ideal clients are, where to find them and how to seduce and persuade them in joining you.

    Most people think that they don't have a big enough of an audience to sell to... they think that in order to create BIG money, they need a BIG list. 

    This couldn't be farther from the truth. 

    Allow me to shift your perspective on audience sizes and show you how you can find your most ideal people (even if it's just a small group) and STILL reach your BIG launch money goals!

    Value: $497 

    Day 3

  •  How you are going to sell your offer - I'll be diving into my Million Dollar Launch Plan.

    Listen up – when I tell you that THIS right here is the EXACT plan I take all my 1:1 clients through, I mean it. 

    And judging by the testimonials on this page, you can probably get an idea of the calibre of people I work with.

    If you want to take a peek at what they do and what I help them with, you better show up to get it!

    Value: $497 


     →  You'll join me and the other participants inside a private Facebook Group. 

    I have worked for years to make my community a safe and loving place where everyone is welcome and can feel free to ask questions and get the support they need.

    You'll get access to a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to end the year with a BIG Money Launch! 

    Value: $297 

    Personalized Coaching

    →  This is a VERY rare occasion where I'll be doing Q&A outside of my paid programs.

    After each day of the challenge, once we go through the main trainings, I'll stay on for Q&A to answers your most pressing questions so be sure to join and stay  on until the end.

    Value: $997 

    Regular Price $2785
    *FREE Access Available NOW*

If the launch struggle has been your story, stick with me, things are about to change for you!

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"Keshani is such a rockstar and I'm so grateful for her ongoing support helping me share multiple offers a month with thousands of soulmate clients around the world"

I'm so excited that Keshani is sharing her amazing talents with others to help bring their message and offers to the world with ease, grace and power. 

Keshani is such a rockstar and I'm so grateful for her ongoing support helping me share multiple offers a month with thousands of soulmate clients around the world.

As visionaries it's our job to do our soul work and share our message to positively impact millions and make millions and I couldn't do it without the support of the brilliant rockstars on my team who are as committed to doing this work as I am.

Thank you Keshani!!!!

– Jessica Caver Lindholm
Founder, To Living Free

Are you ready to have your BIGGEST & most PROFITABLE launch before we end 2023?